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Your daily dose of easily absorbable essential form of zinc + vitamins C to reduce stomach irritation. Our Ultra Potent Nano Ionic Liquid Zincdoes not leach minerals from the body and is the best bio-available form of this mineral.

Zinc and Vitamin C have many health benefits, including aiding immunity, reducing the risk of age-related eye diseases and helping wounds heal. Vitamin C also helps the absorption of plant-based iron, while zinc is required for the body to make DNA and for cell division, fertility and reproduction.

The human body cannot function without it!

  • THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO TAKE ZINC AND VITAMIN C – Nano Ionic Liquid Zinc allows absorption into the body’s cells at its highest rate, unlike tablets and capsules which are often more difficult for the body to fully absorb and utilise effectively.
  • GIVES YOUR BODY ESSENTIAL NATURAL ZINC AND VITAMIN C ALMOST INSTANTLY – Due to the ionised state of our best-selling Ionic Liquid Zinc, the Zinc minerals can go right into the cells without any function of the body other than absorption.
  • ZINC AND VITAMIN C ARE GREAT FOR A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS – The importance of zinc is known throughout the world and one of the first cultures to see the significance of using zinc has been the Chinese. The Chinese knew of the benefits of zinc and used it for prostate problems many centuries before other countries ever addressed zinc.
  • THE BENEFITS OF ZINC ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO HEALTH – There are at least 160 different human enzymes that rely on zinc in parts of their composition and function. As examples, zinc enzymes are involved in digestion, metabolism, and tissue respiration, and both DNA and RNA need zinc enzymes for proper functioning.
  • ZINC AND HORMONE REACTIONS IN THE BODY – Zinc is for the synthesis of hormones serotonin, dopamine, melatonin, and noradrenaline and, therefore, low zinc levels can result in decreased alertness, a lessened capacity for abstract thinking, lowered ability to perform repetitive and multi-task jobs, moodiness and memory failure.Give your body the boost it needs with this high-potency liquid Zinc supplement.

Protection Against Colds

Vitamin C may reduce the length and severity of a cold, but it doesn’t appear to prevent colds in most people, according to the National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health. The exception is marathon runners and other extreme exercisers, as well as people exposed to very cold weather, such as skiers. For these groups, taking 250 milligrams of vitamin C daily may reduce the chance of catching a cold by 50 percent, reports the NIH’s Office of Dietary Supplements. Studies show that using zinc within 24 hours of catching a cold can reduce the length and severity of cold symptoms.

Eye Disease Protection

Zinc and vitamin C may prevent vision loss in older people by delaying the progression of age-related macular degeneration, or AMD. In one study reported by the Office of Dietary Supplements, high intakes of zinc and antioxidants, including vitamin C, reduced the risk of AMD in elderly people. In another study, taking zinc alone significantly reduced the risk of developing AMD in high-risk subjects, but not in other people. Additionally, studies show high intakes of vitamin C may protect against cataracts, although the ODS notes this association needs further study.

Wound Healing

Vitamin C is needed for the body to form collagen, part of the skin’s connective tissue that plays a vital role in the healing of wounds, such as cuts. Zinc is needed for the formation and maintenance of the skin and mucous membranes. People with skin ulcers are often deficient in zinc, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements. Additionally, insufficient vitamin C can lead to scurvy, a disease that causes connective tissue weakness and gum bleeding.

This product is supplied in a glass bottle – not plastic.

Traditionally, eating fresh grains, fruits, and vegetables grown in nutrient-rich soil provided an adequate supply of the full spectrum of ionically-charged minerals.

Unfortunately, today naturally-occurring, nutrient-rich soil is not what most food is grown in. Vegetation growth and aggressive modern farming techniques have brought many of the earth’s minerals to the surface where they have been washed away.

Consumed in proper ratios, minerals have a profound effect on human health: They transport life-giving oxygen to the body, aid in the assimilation of other nutrients, form building blocks such as amino acids, hormones, and proteins, they can act as antioxidants. Basically your entire body – including your hair, nails, bones, blood and nerves – relies on major minerals for its proper function.

Every second of every day your body relies on ionic minerals and trace minerals to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including your heart, would be able to function. Your brain would not function and the cells would not be able to use osmosis to balance your water pressure and absorb nutrients. To ensure you are getting the ionic minerals and electrolytes your body needs, only choose mineral supplements that contain Nano Ionic minerals

The absorption of minerals primarily takes place within the small intestines. As food matter passes through the intestines, minerals transfer into the blood stream through the walls of the intestines by way of the villi. This can only happen if the minerals are in an ionic form. Although stomach acid helps ionize the minerals in foods, a mineral supplement should contain already naturally ionized minerals to be fully absorbed.


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